Husbands: Give Your Wives A Unique And Reasonably Priced Present For Christmas


As the holiday season approaches, husbands will soon begin considering what to get their wives for Christmas this year. If you're a husband and have gotten your wife the same lotion or perfume for the past three years, it's time to give her something new and original. Give your wife a special day out this year for Christmas.

A Special Day Out Is Easy to Create

Instead of waiting for an occasion when romantic gifts are expected, such as Valentine's Day, her birthday or your anniversary, you can transform Christmas into something remarkable. Turning a day in late December into a memorable occasion is easy. In fact, you can even purchase almost the entire present from the comfort of your home.

To create a special day out for your wife, book the a limousine rental and a spa treatment now. It might seem early to reserve a limo and spa for late December. Limousine companies like Millanio Limo can quickly become booked during the holiday season, though, as companies reserve them for parties. Spas' schedules can also become full after Christmas, when people try to use their recently received gift certificates.

When the day you've chosen approaches, you may need to run out and get a bottle of wine. You can delay this errand, but make a note to pick up wine before the limousine arrives.

The Costs of a Spa Treatment, Bottle of Wine and Limousine Rental Add Up

Booking a limousine, reserving a spa treatment and buying a bottle of wine might sound expensive. This present, however, isn't as expensive as you might think. It's not the cheapest Christmas idea, but it is an affordable idea.

According to Anitra Brown of About Travel, the cost of a treatment at a day spa ranges from $35 for a manicure up to over $200. Brown notes that many spas offer combination packages that include lunch for $150 to $200. These prices don't include gratuity. Thus, for $180 to $240, you could book a nice treatment for your wife at a day spa, although there are also much cheaper options available.

How much you spend on a bottle of wine is largely up to you. The New York Times says there are good-value and good-tasting wines to be had for between $15 and $25.

According to CostHelper Cars, a standard limousine that seats six people costs between $65 and $100 an hour. Again, these prices don't include gratuity. With a 20-percent tip, the rate increases to $78 to $120 per hour, and a four-hour limousine rental would cost anywhere from $312 to $480.

Keeping the Price of This Present Reasonable

The costs of a spa treatment, bottle of wine and limousine rental might seem high, but you can keep the price reasonable by recruiting other husbands to go in on the idea with.

You should book this present with five other husbands. Giving your wives a day out together will both make it more fun and more affordable. Up to six women can fit in a standard limousine, and the cost could be split among all the husbands. This would lower your individual cost for the limousine rental to somewhere between $52 ($312 / 6 husbands) and $80 ($480 / 6 husbands).

Altogether, a combination spa treatment, decent bottle of wine and limousine rental would cost you between $247 and $345.

Spending between $250 and $350 on a single day for your wife might seem prohibitively expensive, but this likely costs less than buying her a bunch of material items. Creating a special day isn't cheap, but it also isn't unreasonably pricey. Most importantly, it's a present she'll remember with her friends for years to come.


22 September 2015

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