Five Ways To Impress Your Long-Awaited Online Date


If you are meeting someone special for the first time, make a lasting impression. Dating online can culminate in a face-to-face, and you want everything to go well. Make sure to go the extra mile to ensure your date goes off without a hitch, and that you make a great impact on your cyber-friend.

Five ways to make a lasting impression on your date are:

1. Hire a limo. Make a really positive image on your date by showing up in style: hire a limo! Rent a luxury limo to take you and your date from place-to-place, and to ensure nobody is stuck driving or risks getting lost during your get-together. This will provide the perfect opportunity for intimate conversation and even a quick drink on your way to dinner, a show, or another date venue.

2. Keep things private. If your date is coming from afar to meet you, make sure to plan on a private room for them when they arrive. They may want a space to decompress and get ready for your date and any outings, plus a joint-room may seem a bit sexually presumptuous.

3. Bring a little something. Why not bring your date a little gift? Make it something tasteful and classy, not raunchy underwear or some promotional item, like your company coffee mug. Bring flowers or high-quality chocolates to a lady; bring a bottle of spirits or souvenir tee-shirt to a guy.

4. Go it alone. It can be overwhelming to meet someone that you have online known online, but it can be even more uncomfortable to meet your whole crew. Don't bring family or friends to your first date; ease your new friend into your situation gently. While group dates are fine, the first meeting should be intimate enough that you are able to get to know each other a bit better.

5. Don't get hammered. Sure, you may want a little something to take the edge off of meeting your long-awaited online friend, but don't get drunk. This is not the time to get hammered and get messy. Order a cocktail or have a glass of wine, but keep your wits-- and your dignity-- about you.

Try these tips to make a favorable impression on your online friends or dates, and to ensure your first meeting goes well. A recent survey showed that 44% of online daters married or were in serious relationships with their cyber-significant other. This data clearly shows that more and more people are finding love on the internet; make the most of it!

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18 May 2017

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