4 Big Pluses Flying Private Plane Charters


What's even better than flying first-class on a commercial flight? Flying on a private chartered plane instead. Here are four big advantages of choosing an aircraft charter service.

One Word: Private

The key word in private chartered plane means the difference between potentially listening to crying babies or dealing with paparazzi and overzealous fans, important for celebrities and athletes. With a private charted plane, you can unwind, relax, and be yourself. Private chartered planes are also a great idea for family vacations or weddings in exotic locations. The only people on the plane besides the crew will be you and your family and friends, allowing you all to spend the maximum amount of time together, creating memories. Privacy can also be extremely important to business executives who need a quiet space to work while they travel between clients and corporate locations.

World-Class Service And Amenities

From an assortment of aged whiskeys to a myriad hot and cold hors d'oeuvres and canapes to five-star, fine-dining entrées such as filet mignon and lobster, a private chartered jet experience can be as luxurious as you want it. And if domestic beer, sandwiches, and assorted crudités is more your style, that's okay, too. Whatever your food and beverage needs are, the right private chartered plane service will be able to accommodate all of your desires in style.  You will also have control over other services, such as entertainment options and music choices.

Enjoy Flying

No matter how nice a seat you have on a commercial flight, it's never going to be as nice as the seating typically available on a chartered jet. Rather than being short on legroom and elbow room both the duration of the entire flight, a chartered jet can offer features such as lounge areas comprised of sofas as well as occasional chairs. This makes flying far more pleasurable than being packed into a row of sardines with strangers. In addition to the lounge areas, which are also more conducive to socializing with your guests or collaborating with your team, some jets also have a bedroom area. So whether you need room to party, a space for in-flight meetings, or just a place to lay your weary head and catch up on sleep, a chartered plane will ensure you enjoy the flight.

Appreciate Convenience

With a charted plane service such as Silverhawk Aviation, you can fly when you want to rather than being at the mercy of commercial airlines. You can also save time by skipping baggage check-in and other time-consuming activities.


24 July 2017

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