Temporary Fuel Permit Requirements For Tractor Trailers


In the United States and Canada, there are regulations for tractor trailers and commercial vehicles that require many of these trucks to carry an International Fuel Tax Agreement sticker. There are times the trucks do not need this permit but may need a temporary fuel permit. Here some are some information to help you understand this requirement.

Who is Required to Get A Permit?

Any heavy truck with 2 or more axles that regularly cross state lines or into Canada must have an IFTA registration. For trucks that do not have this registration in place but is making a trip across the border, you will need a temporary fuel permit to make the trip. 

What Is The Purpose of the Fuel Permit?

A temporary fuel permit helps track the tax on diesel fuel so that the taxes paid on fuel bought out of a specific jurisdiction but used in the area are adequately distributed. The IFTA partnerships would usually ensure this happens, but if the truck stays typically in the state, there may never have been a need for an IFTA registration on the truck.

Where To Get Your Permit

Temporary fuel permits are available through specific agencies that are authorized to issue them. The IFTA can give you information about where to obtain your permits if you need to find an issuing authority to get your temporary fuel permit. 

Permit Limits

If you are planning on making multiple trips across the border or several states, you are better off to register with IFTA because it will significantly simplify determining the tax liability for the truck. You will have to decide where the taxes need to go if you are working off permits, but the IFTA collects the tax and distributes it from the trip reports submitted by the driver. 

For companies with multiple trucks running cross country, not having to deal with permits over and over can be helpful but the smaller companies may still wish to get a permit as needed. 

Other Vehicles Requiring Fuel Permits

Along with tractor trailers, charter buses, bus lines, and three axle trucks of any kind need to have fuel permits issued for them. If you suspect you need a fuel permit but are not sure, check with the IFTA as they are the governing body for the permits and tax distribution. If you are not sure how to contact them, check with your local department of motor vehicles for help. They will be able to steer you in the right direction.


13 February 2019

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