2 Kinds Of Quarrying Equpment


Rocks go into everything from the roads you drive on to the houses around you -- even in monuments that you find all over the place -- but getting them isn't easy. In general, rocks aren't just laying around on the ground waiting to be worked -- especially when it comes to the larger stones that are necessary for buildings and monuments and other such structures. This is where quarries come into play. Quarries are generally large, open pits or mines that can be quite large and quite deep. That's part of the reason that the equipment that is used in quarries is generally the heavy-duty kind, that is sized up from the kind of equipment you might see driving down the road. In most cases, those pieces of heavy equipment aren't even allowed to go on roads because they are too large and heavy to be driven on them. What are some kinds of equipment that can be found in a quarry?

Dump Trucks

The heavy-duty dump trucks that are found in quarries are a necessity. This is because the rocks need to be moved from the quarry to the next place in the rock processing. Those dump trucks can hold tons of stone -- literally. They are so big that a full grown man can stand in the tires and fit with room to spare. As the stones go through each step of processing, the dump trucks that take the stones from place to place become smaller until they are the size that you are used to seeing on the road. Those dump trucks are the ones that will deliver the smaller stones and gravel to their final destinations. Larger stones will generally be delivered by things like flat-load trailers hauled by semi trucks. 

Crawler Tractors

Crawler tractors are another necessity at a quarry. They are like bulldozers, and they are there to push the overlay around so that the stone can be exposed and worked. These tractors will also move the bits and pieces leftover from explosions and other mining processes in the quarry. These pieces of equipment are generally on tracks, like a tank would be, because the tracks are able to go over rough terrain easier. Tracks are generally able to be driven independently, which means that they can be turned easier. 

Getting the rocks and stone from the ground to their final destination isn't a quick or easy process, but with the right kind of equipment, it can be done. For more information, you can contact companies like Bobby Hoelscher Trucking Inc.


17 April 2019

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