Going Out With A Crush? Two Reasons To Go On A Helicopter Ride


Having a crush on another person can really enhance your life. Just seeing them fills your stomach with butterflies, and if you've been sitting on the feelings for a long time, the anticipation could be through the roof. If your crush has finally relented and agreed to go on a date with you, the moment must be one to remember. That first date could set the tone for the entire relationship, and you want everything to go off without a hitch. The perfect way to have an amazing experience with the person you like is to take them on a helicopter ride. It's sure to be a time that neither of you will soon forget.

Helicopter Rides Provide Plenty Of Photo Ops

When you're with someone that you really care about, it's natural to want to capture the moment. Going somewhere like a restaurant for your date might not really provide you with the scenery to take some incredible shots. Also, if the venue doesn't seem very special, your partner might not be too interested in taking pictures because the location just isn't special enough. You want to choose an outing that is so otherworldly that your crush can't wait to take pictures with you. Chartering a helicopter ride should give you both plenty of reasons to pull out those phones and take great pictures.

Many people like taking dramatic pictures that they can post on social media pages. Imagine the two of you sitting closely together in the back of the helicopter while wearing the trademark earphones that you'll need for the journey. The shots you take inside of the helicopter can be wonderful keepsakes, and the aerial views can give you a whole new appreciation for your city.

You Can Show Your Creative Side

If you really want to stand out in your date's mind and seem different from the rest, you need to let your creative side shine through. Planning a good date requires thought and preparation. Your crush may have never been in a helicopter before. Treat them to a ride to remember by inviting them to join you as you fly around town in a helicopter.

This could be the start of something very special. Take your date on a helicopter ride and use that as the opportunity to get to know them better. Your flight could be the beginning of a partnership that makes you feel out of this world!

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11 December 2019

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