Keeping The Roads Safe When You Haul Something Overweight


Arranging your first overweight or oversize load transport is not as confusing as it looks at first, although it does require more in the way of paperwork and hoops to jump through. One hurdle being able to legally transport the load through each state without hassle. Overweight and oversize loads can damage roads and property if you take them through areas that can't handle them, and the whole purpose of these hoops and paperwork is to ensure you have a successful journey.

Why Do You Need "Oversize Load" Signs?

Drivers of noncommercial vehicles—and even some drivers of smaller commercial vehicles—like to rush. Speed limit signs are just suggestions to many drivers. That leads to some weaving in and out of traffic, especially on grades where trucks have to slow down. The "oversize load" signs give drivers warning that the space in the lanes on either side of the truck carrying the load could be narrower than normal. Anyone passing the load would know to be careful. Even if the load were not oversize but still overweight, it serves as a warning for other vehicles to give it a wide berth.

Why Do You Need an Escort Vehicle?

The escort vehicle, a smaller vehicle that often has special lights, serves as both an extra warning to other vehicles and as a spotter when the truck carrying the load needs to back up or travel through conditions where visibility may not be optimal. The escort vehicle can let the driver of the truck know when the vehicle is about to back into areas where the weight may make it difficult for the truck to get out.

Why Do You Need Permits to Begin With?

Roads have limits, both in terms of weight and physical dimensions. Getting a permit in each state both proves that the load can safely make it along the planned route without causing damage and that the state is aware that this huge load will take up room on the state's highways. The permitting process allows both parties to identify routes that the truck should not take due to limits on what the infrastructure can support.

Go through the permit process for each state you plan to travel through. An approved route will be safe and get you to your destination in a reasonable amount of time. For more information about this process, contact a company that provides overweight permits


27 January 2021

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