A Guide To RV Transport


Transporting your recreational vehicle (RV) to a preferred destination is not difficult. There are professional RV transport service providers with the experience and logistical capacity to support you. Nevertheless, there are some risks involved, such as damage and breakdowns. You can reduce such risks by preparing your RV for transport. The issues highlighted below can guide you when preparing an RV for trailer transport. 

RV Travel Transport Methods

The following are the three main methods for transporting recreational vehicles: 

Drive-away services

In this option, the RV transport company provides the client with a professional driver to drive the vehicle to the preferred destination. This method applies to motorhome or motor-coach RVs. You may use this option to re-assign the tedious task of moving your motorhome.

Tow-away services

In this case, the transport service provider uses a heavy-duty towing vehicle to pull the RV to the destination. The problem with tow-away services is the risk of RV damage if the vehicle provided does not have the correct hitch score. 

Trailer shipping

This method is recommendable for all types of RV travel trailers. Trailer shipping has an advantage over tow-away and drive-away since it eliminates wear and tear. In practice, the transporter offers a wide range of trailers such as flatbeds and drop deck trailers to haul the RV to the destination. Another benefit is that one trailer can carry more campers at ago. Thus, the RV owners can cost-share the price for a group vacation. 

Preparing Your RV for Trailer Transport 

Secure your RV

Typically, one should prepare the RV for hauling as if they were driving it to the location. The RV usually has compartments and slide out for keeping belongings. Ensure that you lock and latch all cubicles and partitions to prevent tearing and breakages. Remove any hazardous materials such as LPG gas and any plugged appliances. Furthermore, think beyond the physical security and ensure the RV has an up-to-date auto insurance cover. 

Securing your property

If an RV is already in use, the chances are that you keep some of your property in it. Hence, it is essential to remove all the valuable items before hauling. Importantly, take away any valuable but fragile items to prevent breakage. 

Service your RV

The advantage of the hauling method is that you do not have to do a lot of vehicle servicing. For instance, tow-away and drive-away services would require checking the brake lights, engine fluids, hitch, and gas tank. Nevertheless, ensure that you check if the tires are inflated.

Taking care of your RV ensures that it can serve you for an extended period. Part of this maintenance is selecting an ideal transport method, a professional RV travel service provider, and preparing your vehicle for the journey. 


30 April 2021

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