6 Things to Understand About Renting a Charter Bus


If you want to get your group to your destination and keep everyone together at an affordable rate, a charter bus is a good transportation option. If you have never rented a charter bus before, there are some things you are going to want to know about the experience.

1: A Charter Bus Follows Your Itinerary

A charter bus is different than a public bus in that it doesn't follow a set route. Rather, the bus follows the route that you set for the bus. It is up to you to set the itinerary, which means you can have it take you exactly where you want to go and stop where you want to stop along the way. It is designed for private group transportation.

2: Different Sizes of Buses

Second, you can rent a full-size charter bus, or you can rent a minibus. Minibusses have different seating configurations, which impacts how many people they can carry. If you have a smaller group, a minibus should fit your needs, and if you are traveling with a larger group, you will want to go with a full-size bus.

3: Storage

The amount of storage depends on the size of the bus you are renting. Full-size charter buses have undercarriage storage, where large items, such as equipment or suitcases, can be stored. There are also overhead bins, similar to an aircraft, inside.

Minibusses generally do not have any undercarriage storage, but they do have overhead bin storage, so everything you need to bring with you needs to fit on the bus.

4: Seating

Charter buses have different seats than you would find on a school bus or most public buses. Charter buses generally have comfortable bucket seats. These seats are cushioned and are usually adjustable to some degree. There may be a footrest that you can pull down to rest your feet on in front of you. Most seats also have somewhere where you can plug your devices in so that you can charge them.

5: Bathrooms

Most full-sized buses are going to have a small bathroom in the back of the bus. This bathroom is going to be tiny, more like an airplane bathroom. You will still want to stop for bathroom breaks for everyone on the bus; however, it is nice to have somewhere for people to use the bathroom in an emergency.

6: Accessible Buses

If you need an ADA-accessible bus, you will want to let the charter company know that when booking. These buses will have wider aisles, a wheelchair lift and seating area, and more railings.

To learn more about charter bus rental options, contact a company near you. 


23 July 2021

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