4 Warehouse Storage Systems You Should Know


After leasing a new warehouse, selecting the proper warehouse storage systems is one way of optimizing its functionality. A well-organized warehouse guarantees efficiency and enhances productivity. Purchasing the right warehouse solution requires careful consideration. It helps to check whether your preferred system matches your floor plan and daily operations.

Whether updating existing warehouse storage or installing racks in a new facility, you must know the different solutions available. This way, you can select storage applications that increase output while complementing your bottom line. Installing ideal storage solutions allows you to leverage your space while ensuring safety. 

The following are warehouse storage options to know:

1. Static Shelving

This is a commonly used warehousing solution in different industries. Static shelving suits inventory or goods designated to sit in one location. It's the perfect warehouse solution for lightweight inventory. If your products move off the shelves consistently, this solution is for you. If you handle products that don't need machines to move, static shelving comes in handy. Your staff move and sort packages manually. If you handle bulky items, you can opt for wide-span shelf designs.

2. Multi-Tier Racks

If your warehouse handles high inventory volumes, and you don't have a warehouse expansion budget, multi-tier racking offers lasting solutions. Multi-tier racking design provides large dimensions for the tiered structures. It's easy to store medium or large-sized packages in multi-level decks. 

In addition, you can store similar stock keeping units (SKUs) on one or two decks efficiently. These racks provide adequate access, and your employees use staircases or ramps to reach specified packages. Such accessibility guarantees excellent traction for utility carts and forklifts.

3. Mezzanine Storage

Mezzanine storage is one of the most creative warehousing solutions. This technology allows you to add more warehouse space inside the warehouse. It's like adding another story or floor to the current storage levels. The new levels offer more storage space cost-effectively. Indeed, adding these levels eliminate the costs of constructing a new warehouse. 

If you have limited space, mezzanine warehouse storage allows you to leverage under-utilized vertical space. To maximize this option, you must work with a warehousing solutions service to configure a sturdy design.

4. Pallet Racking

Just like the name, pallet systems entail the use of pallets to hold multiple parcels. Pallets can be made out of wood, plastic, or plywood. If your warehouse has limited square footage, it's easy to stack pallets without falling. Your workers retrieve or load pallets with forklifts without breaking or damaging inventory. Pallet racking systems require proper safety components like beam connectors, braces, and wire decks to hold the structure together.

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1 November 2021

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