Need A Fundraising Idea For A Youth Sports Team? Charter A Bus


If you are in charge of fundraising for your child's sports team, one thing that you can consider doing is getting a bus charter. Select a destination and itinerary that will draw enough interest from the families and friends of the team as well as from people in the community so you can sell every seat on the bus. 

Not only will you be raising money for your youth team, but you'll also help create memories that may last a lifetime. Here's what you need to know about booking a bus charter for fundraising. 

Seeking Help from a Travel Advisor

Most transportation companies that provide buses for rent have people on staff who help select destinations and coordinate the itineraries. These travel advisors are well-versed in the various differences between traveling via a bus charter versus when in personal vehicles. For example, stopping at a rest area can take much longer when there is a large group and a bus charter as opposed to a car full of people. The travel advisor can help you determine which destination(s) would be ideal for your particular group while keeping your fundraising efforts in mind.

Being Adjustable for Cost-Effectiveness

In order for the bus charter to be cost-effective, you should schedule the trip far enough ahead of time so you can be sure enough seats are sold before the trip begins. Also, if you find that interest in your fundraising bus charter trip is high, this could give you the ability to request two buses from the bus charter company for your trip. Conversely, if you don't seem to get enough interest to make the fundraising trip cost-effective in a large bus charter, the company may have a smaller bus for your group. Simply keep the travel advisor aware of any changes you wish to make. 

Making the Trip Memorable

The destination you choose will be memorable, but you'll want to make the bus trip itself memorable as well. There are many amenities on bus charters today that can help, such as televisions. You can create a video for everyone to watch on the television screens on the bus. Perhaps put together clips of sports plays, stories from fans about the games they've attended, or some pieces of advice or funny stories from the coaches on the team. Another thing you can do that can help to increase the fundraising efforts is to sell copies of the video you create as an add-on to the bus charter trip. 


28 March 2022

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