Insight To Help You With Upcoming Airport Travel Arrangements


Traveling through the airlines can require you to make arrangements in travel times and consider traffic on the way to catch your flight. This can be stressful when you have to find a ride to and from the airport or plan to park in a short-term or long-term parking lot at the airport. Here are some considerations to help you with making your upcoming airport travel arrangements.

Look For a Reliable Service

Whenever you can delegate some of your responsibilities to others around you, it immediately relieves your responsibility and can improve your experience with reduced stress. Traveling via airlines requires a lot of planning and timing arrangements so you can make it to the airport on time and allow you to still board your flight without running. 

A car service to and from the airport eliminates your need to drive yourself and navigate traffic and the efforts to find your way to an unfamiliar area and airport. A car service will also help you with baggage and ensure your ride is comfortable. Look for a car service that will transport you and also be aware of traffic congestion and make the required time adjustments for you to avoid delay to your flight. A good car service will also know the area well enough to make a course correction due to traffic backups or an accident on the roads so you can still make it on time.

Plan for a Tip

When you use a travel service, it is a good practice to plan for a service tip for the driver. Your transportation driver is going to have experience and trained knowledge that will benefit you greatly during your drive, and it is helpful to show your appreciation with a tip.

Plan to pay for a tip to the driver, which is usually around 20 percent of the trip's cost. You can bring cash with you and present it to the driver when you are dropped off at the airport, or you can arrange to pay for it upfront. When you are trying to travel light, you might not want to carry around extra cash or tipping, so an upfront tip on your credit card charge is a great way to show the driver your appreciation and follow etiquette for transportation services.

Make Specific Arrangements

Once you have arranged the right travel times for your transportation, make sure you consider the needs of anyone traveling with you. Do you need a larger transport for a larger group, which you can get with a van? Or will you want to travel in style with a black car or limo? Then, look at the amount of baggage your party will have so you can safely store it in your transportation vehicle for the ride to the airport.

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17 May 2022

Frequently Asked Questions About Airport Transportation

Typically, my husband and I ask our neighbor to give us a ride to the airport when we are going on a trip. In return, we drive her when she needs a ride there. However, we were going out of town soon and she was feeling under the weather, so I decided to go about seeking other arrangements. I was surprised to learn just how many ways one could get to the airport. You could take a limo, town car, taxi or ride share. I created this website to give information about each of these options and answer some of the questions you may have about each option.